Swap more, buy less.

— The Swap Project.

The Swap Project is started in 2018, we are passionate about sustainability in a fashionable way. Textile is the world’s 2nd largest pollution in the world after oil. According to the Council for Textile Recycling, almost 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles are thrown away annually, and it is estimated that textile waste alone occupies nearly 5% of all landfill space. And in Malaysia 2,000 tons of textile waste was produced daily.

So instead of contributing to the landfill waste, we come up with a sustainable way to give these beautiful clothes a longer life span. In The Swap Project you get to drop off your unwanted clothes that fits the following criteria, and we will sort them out. Now here’s the best part, you get to pick any of the clothing that is available and it will be yours to own!

1. Pre-registration is required.

2. Bring a minimum of 5 items that are clean and in good condition – tops, bottoms, dresses, menswear, bags, accessories, shoes.

3. Register at the Registration Counter and pay RM20.

4. Pass your items to our friendly volunteers at the Checking Counter.

5. Go ahead and SWAP! You can swap as many items as you like… as long as you promise to use them!

#sustainablefashion #swapstyle #swapfashion #reducewaste #swapmorebuyless #sustainableyetstylish

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