The Swap Project Welcomes You

We are passionate about sustainability in a fashionable way.

Textile waste is the second largest pollution to the environment after oil. At The Swap Project, one of our main goals is to give clothing a second chance, rather than ending up in the landfill. We believe that fashion shouldn’t cost the earth. We can still be fashionable while being sustainable. At The Swap Project you will learn to live a sustainable lifestyle and practice mindful consumption, in other words, you will learn to swap more, buy less, and support ethical fashion brands. We are not perfect, but together we can make a great impact.

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The Swap Project Event

Is the main HIGHLIGHT at The Swap Project. Is a place where you can come and swap your heart out. You can swap out variety of dresses, tops, jeans, pants, skirts, blouses, shoes, bags, accessories and more!

The Swapping Movement

Join us in our swap more, buy less movement! If you would like to contribute in this cause, you can signup to be one of our volunteers!

The Swap Project – Men

The Swap Project is not just a swapping platform for females, is open to men as well. Gentlemen are welcome to join our swap event, come see for yourself!

The Swap Project Kids

We also want to inspire kids. Kids should be taught about the impact of textile pollution does to the environment. Start swapping at a young age, and learn to be environmental friendly. Stay tune to this section!

The Swap Project – [Empowerment]

At The Swap project, other than going green and reducing textile waste, we also want to contribute and give back to the society. With TSP -Empowerment, our mission is to support as many young females in our community.

This was a well-organised event, I got to clear some clothes that don’t fit me and got some wonderful garments to replace them. I highly recommend supporting this initiative!

β€” Alice KΓΌhne

Great sustainability efforts by the founders. Support all the way…..items all in great condition and plenty of variety. A great way to have a wardrobe makeover without feeling the pinch! Kudos to Jayda and Jamie for organizing such a great Noble swap activity that promotes #textilesustainibility

β€” Yong Choy Peng

Truly amazing. Not only about reusing or recycling. It’s repurpose with a great sense of PURPOSE. It’s also a journey of value systems, spatial awareness and inclusive. It’s Empowering.

β€” Connie Ng

The Swap Project.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia